Internship and Class Schedule

INTERNSHIP (Internship)
Schedule 2020


Ayurveda Counselor- Saturdays OR Sunday Mornings ONLINE via zoom 8 AM Central
Thursday (electives or short class) ONLINE via zoom 7 PM Central
Ayurveda Practitioner- Wednesday 7 PM and Saturdays 10 AM OR Friday 8 AM Central ONLINE via zoom
Make up sessions* (online only) Monday only

Onsite Sessions

Private Internship* (group of 1 to 4) Last Monday of the month- Austin, Tx*(Counselor students only)

Private internship* (group of 1 to 4) in Austin, Tx July 2020

*Subject to student sign up in advance.

Onsite Workshop cum Internship Ayurvedic Nutrition- AC Group-January 25, 2020 (10 AM- 2 PM)
Onsite Workshop cum Internship AP Group Ayurvedic Herbs -Feb 2020 (practitioner students only)
Onsite Marma Workshop cum Internship -March 7, 8 2020 (9 am- 6 pm Both AC & AP Group)
Onsite Event AC Group-Earth Day Weekend Event-April 2020 (Not a workshop. Afternoon event at Radha Madhav Dham)
Onsite Workshop cum Internship Nidana-Memorial Day Weekend, AC & AP Groups- May 2020 (9 AM to 6 PM-three days-Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
AP Group Private internships July 2020 (Private time between instructor and students at Austin, Tx)
Onsite workshop AC Group, 1st weekend of September, 2020 (All Day)
Onsite workshop Panchakarma AP Group Internship, October, 2020 (9 AM- 6 PM both days. Practitioner students only)
Onsite Event Community (AC Internship) Event - Nov 2020 (One Day event)
Onsite Holiday event Annual holiday event Dec 2020. Open House All students

AC-Ayurveda Counselor Students
AP-Ayurveda Practitioner Students
NOTE: ALL onsite workshop/ Austin internships require students to RSVP in advance.

Synopsis: Students shall be able to teach and educate their clients in an efficient ethical manner, understand their scope of practice and utilize forms, questionnaires and tools needed for their own practice. Part of this module may be covered in onsite internship.

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1 Ethics
Lesson 2 Scope of Practice
Lesson 3 HIPPAA and FDA Laws
Lesson 4 Use of forms and questionnaires
Lesson 5 Ayurveda Counseling Skills
Lesson 6 Client Encounters Demonstration
Lesson 7 Client Observations
Lesson 8 Demonstration of threefold pariksha
Lesson 9 Demonstration of tenfold pariksha
Lesson 10 Different client demographics
Lesson 11 Writing up Cikitsa plan for clients
Lesson 12 Client Follow up

Client encounters are done in person by traveling to us for internship, OR, online, via live or recorded broadcast appointments, or, any appropriate secure online video software being used by school.

*Do note that if you are planning to take the NAMA Certification Board exam, they may need you to do client observations in
person. Please check with NAMA website directly. Transcript will reflect if Internship was done online or in person. If student is
planning to attend in person in Austin, they must bear the cost of airfare, travel and hotel.

Onsite Internship

Observation: Student observes the teacher, or, an advanced Practitioner student with a client in person* by traveling to our location, or, buddying up with an advanced student near them.

Community Sign up for our MARCH 7th and 8th Internship

Direct Supervision: Student then does the client encounters under the direct observation of the TA, Practitioner Student or the teacher. Feedback is given in person. Reports are written offline and posted to the school.

*If student is planning to attend in person in Austin, they must bear the cost of airfare, travel and hotel.